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Our Story

Fun Mise | FUN-myz |

Our name, FunMise means “Empowered". It is short for "Oluwa Fun mi se”, which is a phrase or a common greeting that originates from the Yoruba language, meaning “to be empowered by God”. At FunMise, we bring the essence of "Oluwa Fun Mi Se" to our customers, by empowering and enabling our clients with simple solutions that are easy to setup, easy to secure, and easy to manage.

How It Began

FunMise was established in July 2015, as an Information Technology Solution company in San Antonio, TX that empowers its customers to solve their problems, particularly the small and medium sized business (SMB) organizations.

How It Works

FunMise partners with its clients and business partners to provide customer solutions that the customer can sustain themselves. While this may not be possible in all cases, FunMise constantly evaluates new technologies, and how they might integrate into solutions that can empower clients and enable them to be self-reliant.