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Our Story

funmise |Fun Mise|

Our name has its origin in the Yoruba language of West Africa. Funmise is short for "Oluwa Fun mi se" which literally means "God give me do".

Oluwa = God
Fun = Give
Mi = Me
Se = Do

Please note: It does not mean that God gave you something to do, it literally means that God gave you the power to do, essentially, it means to be empowered by God. When embarking on a journey, or beginning an endeavor, Yoruba people usually say, "Oluwa Fun mi se", which is meant to say "May God EMPOWER you". We bring the spirit of 'Oluwa FunMise' to our customers, by empowering and enabling them to solve their Information Technology problems.

How It Began

FunMise was established in July 2015, when its founder, Kelly Lampkin, desired to establish an Information Technology Solution company that would empower its customers to solve their own problems, particularly the small and medium sized business (SMB) organizations.

Kelly was not interested in creating customers dependent on her to sustain their Information Technology. Rather, she desired to position herself as a trusted partner for empowering her customers to solve their own problems. Thus, FunMise was designed with an intent on providing secure simplified IT solutions that customers could maintain themselves, versus being over-reliant on the vendor to maintain the solutions.

How It Works

FunMise partners with its clients and business partners to provide customer solutions that the customer can sustain themselves. While this may not be possible in all cases, FunMise constantly evaluates new technologies, and how they might integrate into solutions that can empower clients and enable them to be self-reliant.